The Comprehensive Behavior Assessment & Treatment Tools (C-BATT®) provides educational and mental health interventionists with a growing set of online tools to help students. Brief descriptions of each appear below, with ordering information available. All interested professionals are required to complete a User Qualification Form prior to using any of these tools.

B-POSS™ (Behavior Program Online Scoring System)

The B-POSS™ is designed primarily for school personnel involved in the development, implementation, supervision, and consultation of Behavior Intervention Plans. This online tool is based upon existing research by Diana Browning Wright and colleagues that resulted in the BIP QE II (Behavior Intervention Plan Quality Evaluation Scoring Guide II). It was designed to address the need for an instrument that could be used to evaluate the quality of behavior intervention planning in the state of California, however is applicable to other state requirements as well.

Currently, the B-POSS™ is only available to selected individuals (Members of PENT). Once we have successfully completed our user testing, it will be made available to qualified individuals. If you wish to be contacted when it is available, click here.