We have a number of teacher service and provider training opportunities. Dr. Gale is certified as a non-public agency and has taught over 2,000 teachers how to effectively implement strategies to improve student behavior, increase resiliance, and manage challenging situations. He has been a repeat presenter at LACPA, CPA, and ABCT.

Programs can be delivered via live in-person presentation, ongoing classes, webinars, or as a series of recorded self-paced lessons.

LUNCH Groups® For

Based upon our highly successful social skills intervention programs, LUNCH Groups®, we have extracted the most helpful techniques for use by teachers in general education clasrooms. Learn how to help difficult and disruptive students, shy and withdrawn students, and those with oppositional behavior.

CE Courses

Dr. Gale provides webinars and workshops covering a broad range of internalizing, externalizing, and asocial behaviors, plus methods for conducting robust and meaningful assessments.


Sometimes there are situations that require a more individualized approach. Teacher consultation via telemeeting or in person can be arranged.


Available in Spring 2020, teachers can sign up for self-paced modules covering a range of topics.

Use Programs & Online Services Effectively

Increase your knowledge using a variety of programs, from animation to video production, cool gagdets that improve your computer use experience, from spreadsheets to word processors. Find out how to use essential productivity enhancers you never even knew existed.

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