Using the B-POSS™

PENT Cadre Members

All active PENT Cadre Members are able to use the B-POSS™ at no charge for the following purposes:

  1. Your own cases
  2. Cases you supervise or mentor
  3. Cases you wish to prepare for presentation or trainings

PENT Cadre Member who wish to use the B-POSS™ for purposes that fall outside of these categories, (e.g., teaching students) may contact Dr. Bruce Gale at BehaviorTech Solutions, Inc.

All Other Interested Professionals

If you are a BCBA, School Psychologist, LEP, Behavior Specialist, Clinical or Licensed Psychologist, Program Specialist, Resource Teacher, or other professional with behavioral expertise who wishes to use the B-POSS™, you may purchase credits that allow you to use it. We also offer volume discounts for larger organizations and districts that wish to use it. Please contact us for details.

What are the steps for purchasing and using the B-POSS™?

  1. Complete the User Qualification Form.
  2. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, ACH, and Purchase Orders. Once you have been approved as a Qualified User, you will be able to place orders.
  3. Agencies and school districts who wish to purchase the B-POSS™ should contact us for details.

Training for Using the B-POSS™

The single best method for learning to use the B-POSS™ is to read the BIP QE II Manual. However, it is also possible to receive live training, either via webinar or in-person. It's best to contact us to discuss your individual needs. APA Continuing Education credit is available.