Offering services to help mental health and educational professionals
use technology effectively and responsibly.


Over the years, we have been called upon to consult with colleagues regarding a variety of technology-related areas. Occasionally we give seminars and webinars on various tech topics. However, the need to be knowledgeable and make thoughtful decisions about technology has never been greater.

This survey will provide us with information about your needs and how we can best craft our services to meet them.

Continuing Education

BehaviorTech Solutions is proud to be an APA Approved Sponsor of Continuing Professional Education for both Live Seminars & Workshop, Webinars, and Home Study Programs.

C-BATT Modules®

We have solutions for the following:

  • Determining relevant behaviors to address for students and adults across adaptive areas of functioning;
  • Universal social-emotional screening for schools;
  • Helping students to more effectively regulate their emotions via school and home-based online programs;
  • Online Behavior Program Scoring based upon the BIP QE II;
  • Home & school generalization programs for improving student functioning.

News for PENT Cadre Members

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